Orphan's Lifeline was founded as Lifeline of Hope, a Montana Non-Profit Corporation under the direction of a Christian Board in March of 2000.

During the ninties, Co-Founders Jim and Elma Miller were on a mission to Far East Russia. There, along with working to establish and support the Church of Christ congregations in the area, they also began helping to establish the adoption process at the request of a Seattle Adoption Agency.

During this time, they visited numerous orphanges in the Khabarovsk Region and witnessed the heart-breaking conditions that the children had to live in.

Co-Founders Greg and Laurie Timmons adopted a young girl from the area with the assistance of Jim and Elma and they too were touched by what they saw.

Co-Founders Dave and Alaina Board, long time friends of the Millers and grandparents to the Timmons' newly adopted daughter had been hearing of the conditions in the orphanages for quite a long time and upon the competion of the adoption and the return of the Millers to the U.S.A., joined with Jim and Elma, Greg and Laurie to make plans for the establishment of Lifeline of Hope.

Lifeline of Hope had humble beginnings in an RV barn in Kalispell, MT, with just a few donors from the Church of Christ. They immediately began helping orphan children in the Khabarovsk area on a small scale.

As the number of donors grew, so did the number of children being cared for in Russia. An internet presence began to generate requests for help from several other countries and investigation lead to discovery of a magnitude of need nearly beyond belief. Lifeline of Hope expanded, first into India, then Africa, the Philippines, Pakistan and Mexico and Guatemala with some help going to Kyrgyztan and Ukraine as well.

Along the way, Lifeline of Hope moved into their current offices in Kalispell, MT, where they have continued to grow, both in the number of orphan children they care for and the scope of that care.

In 2009, Lifeline of Hope, still under the direction of the same Board and corporate leadership, chose to do business as Orphan's Lifeline of Hope, a mini re-brand that provides a more accurate reflection of the organizations mission...and its clients, the innocent orphan children of the world.
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