Amazing Grace Children's Home

Number of Children: 21-28

Ages of Children: 5-19

Location: Mindanao, Philippines

History: Amazing Grace Home was established in 2002. When Orphan's Lifeline approved the home for sponsorship in 2005 there were 12 children living there who were in desperate need of medical help. The children were suffering from malnutrition and many of them had malaria and typhoid fever. ion 2010 we helped the home move from their rented facility to a home on their own piece of land which was donated to the director. This allowed them to add 17 more children at the time who could be saved and cared for.


The children at Amazing Grace have been transformed in a mighty way...from hopeless despair and disease to joy, dreams, good health, education and a hopeful future. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

We are very much thankful to all of you for sending your love to help them improve and learn many things in their study and learn to love the Lord as their Savior and friend. Their life was change and they are not abandoned anymore because their needs was supplied and they feel that theres someone loved them. Thank you so much for you did stand in the gap for the life of this children. May God bless you more in this time and in the years to come.

- Amazing Grace Director

It is great to know that there is God who love us so much that he gave His only son Jesus to save us from sin, and we have seen His love through you who take care for us in the children’s home. You have done great that in all my life was become real and true. I am now in the second year of college that i should be careful to follow God’s instructions so that iI will get my life’s desire completely by His grace. Thank you so much for your Love to all of us here at the children’s home Philippines.

- Jeraly