Dear Family- 2016 A year Of faith

As we finish up 2016 and start 2017 it is good to not only focus on the numbers, but also on the tremendous Faith we must all have in the Lord every day and how we can apply that faith in helping to provide and save thousands of suffering orphan children.  The Bible clearly states that we need to not only lean on our faith in the Lord, but also lean on each other’s faith and strength every day to accomplish the good works we do to glorify God.

     2016 has been, in most ways, a tremendous year.  All you have to do to see it is look into the smiles and laughter of thousands of thriving lives.  The children are doing fabulous because of your Love and Support.  Every month it is fun to watch and hear their stories as they grow and develop into kind, loving, Godly young people.

     2016 has also been a year of struggle.  Just like everyone in America, it’s been a year to tighten your belt.  It seems like we all have had less spendable income this past year and everything has become more expensive with no end to the needs.  A lot of congregationshave been strugglingto meet their budgets this last year and have had to cut their mission donations.  We have worked extra hard this year to add new individuals and congregations to make up for the ones who have dropped off.

God truly is an Amazing God and we have been blessed this year with enough new donors to not lose any ground.  We have met every need and expense necessary to make all of our homes thrive.  Thank you for every gift you have given this year.  They all have been used wisely and productively to bless the children’s Lives.

2016 has also been a great year of Living by Faith... faith that only God can supply... a leap of faith to commit to providing for even more children.  Because of individual and church sponsorship committments, we have been able to save more than 80 new children, literally taking them off the street and giving them a home and place to grow up.

In 2017 we plan to live by that leap of faith and boldly, with God’s blessings and direction, continue to save as many children as funds will allow.  Thank you for your faith.  May we lean on each other as we serve God this coming year.  May God continue to bless you with His love, mercy and grace.


    In His Service For The Children,

           David Board, President

Financial Review

Expense Graph(a)

For the year ending December 31, 2106, Orphan’s Lifeline International experienced a drop in donated revenues of 27%. This was expected due to a large one-time donation in 2015. When compared to 2014, Orphan’s Lifeline had an increase in donated revenues of 12%, which split between the two fiscal years is in line with typical growth of 6%.

Donor retention remained at 98% and Orphan’s Lifeline added more than 200 new donors as well with monthly subscription-based donations up significantly.

Special needs funds came in at a high rate and were passed on @ 100% for the designated needs.

Graph A represents the total expenses and allocation of those expenses to Programs, Administration & Fundraising. Graph C then takes a look at how a dollar is spent, a more granular look at graph A. Graph B then drills down even further , analyzing the 89 cents of program expenses and breaking that down to the goods and services provided to the children.

Graph D breaks down the sources of the incomes we use to provide for the children and compares it to the total expenses of the organization.

How $.89 is Spent (B)


How A Dollar Is Spent (C)


Source of Income(D)

08 30 16 girl.JPG

Our Goals 2017

A home for benjamin and friends

For several years, Orphan’s Lifeline International has been blessed to have the in-country assistance of a very special lady for the purposes of Child Care Coordination on the African Continent. Her name is Gladys Mutai and we first met her when she was studying in the United States. She was very interested in our work in Africa and we invited her to our office so that she could learn from us and we could learn from her. 

It was decided before she left for Kenya that she would help us out with the duties of child care coordination with our children’s homes in Uganda and Kenya. Over the years, she has proven to be an invaluable resource for both our organization and the children’s homes we serve.

Gladys has a huge heart for orphans and beyond the work she does for Orphan’s Lifeline, that heart is reflected in what she does there in Kenya on a daily basis. For years now she has slowly but surely gained a following of orphaned street children. She feeds them, teaches them, buys them clothes when what they are wearing is falling off of them. All from her own personal salary which is very small and barely adequate for her own family’s needs.

These children have some of the most heart-breaking stories we have ever seen in the 17 years we have been helping orphans. They come from the slums in an area outside of Nairobi andtheir broken lives are the product of abject poverty, disease, crime and broken homes. Their future is dark and foreboding & very likely non-existent for at least half of them from a statistical standpoint.

One of the children that will live in this home is a young boy named Benjamin. Many of our donors will recognize his name from the recent past. We first heard Benjamin’s sad story from Gladys a couple of years ago. Benjamin was a young boy desperately in need of help! He lived with his very elderly and near-blind grandmother and had been injured when a vehicle ran him over while he was riding a bicycle. He was never taken to the hospital and a broken hip and badly damaged leg were left to heal on their own with terrible and debilitating results. Orphan’s Lifeline brought his story to our donor/partners and within days we had the funds needed for an operation, rehabilitation and special shoes for Benjamin. Now Benjamin can not only walk without so much as a limp, he can RUN with the best of them and has shot to the top of his class both academically and socially. Now he needs a home. It is because Benjamin and her love for all of these children that Gladys has decided to found a children’s home there and take in the 24 children that have stolen her heart. She has begun the legal process for what will be a licensed children’s home she will call Arms of Love. That’s where Orphan’s Lifeline comes in.

Orphan’s Lifeline International has agreed to take this project on & will be actively fundraising for the start-up and ongoing costs of this worthy project.


A New Start For CCIM

CCIM in India is a home filled with 45 children that Orphan’s Lifeline has been providing for over the last 11 years. For some time now there has been a concern because the owner of the rented building has wanted to sell the facility. Now, that worry has become a reality & we have been given notice that the property must be vacated by April of 2017. To make matters more difficult, an extensive search turned up no viable rental properties in the area. 

The good news is that a member of the church there has donated land to CCIM & a number of skilled individuals in the congregation have also agreed to donate labor and expertise to construct a suitable building on the property.

Orphan’s Lifeline has raised partial funding for the home and will be raising the additional needed funds and will oversee the building project as well.

Breaking Ground At The New Site.

Breaking Ground At The New Site.

This Building Has Been Home To The Children Since The Beginning.

This Building Has Been Home To The Children Since The Beginning.


A New Frontier - Liberia

Towards the end of 2016, Orphan’s Lifeline was approached by an individual who works for World Bible School. He knew of our reputation for effective and efficient funding and management of children’s homes around the world & felt deeply that our services were needed for a children’s home in Liberia that he had been personally involved with for many years.

The home is situated on more than 40 donated acres in a very poor, rural area in Liberia. It is home to more than 60 children and was founded by a Church of Christ member in Liberia. It is a licensed children’s home with incredible potential, but has come on tough times due to some culturally centered management and oversight issues.

Orphan’s Lifeline has agreed to handle all oversight and financial management of this children’s home. As mentioned before, there is great potential for this home. That potential can only be realized by overcoming current needs and challenges as well as taking advantage of opportunities that are inherent to the property and structure of the organization there.

There are a number of incredible opportunities for the children there. One is the education they can receive. There is a school on the property with 15 certified teachers and WBS curriculum is integrated as well. The property has agriculture and fish ponds, both of which can be expanded and thus there is realistic potential for self-sufficiency or near self-sufficiency over the coming years. If we can take advantage of these opportunities, it’s reasonable to consider a future in which the home not only provided all of the food for itself, but provides for the nearby village as well which is home to many impoverished souls that suffer also.

These are three projects that will be opportunities and challenges that are in addition to our daily care of thousands of orphans in children’s homes in 10 countries around the world. To learn more about these projects and how you can become involved, please contact our office at 406-257-0868.


Highlights In 2016

Orphan’s Lifeline International would like to thank the many donor/partners who made all the progress in 2016 possible! Every day in 10 countries, the children’s homes that Orphan’s Lifeline International funds, provide daily care for thousands of orphan children. Daily care consists of shelter, food, education, medical care, mentoring and nurturing, spiritual instruction, counseling, family reunification, safety from those who would do them harm and much more.  In addition to this, during the year of 2016, Orphan’s Lifeline was able to provide the means to achieve a significant number of special projects for the children’s homes we care for around the world. Following is a sampling of those projects.


  • New mattresses & bedding for Life of Favor & Fresh Fire Children’s Homes in Uganda
  • New Kitchen for Life of Favor after it was destroyed in a fire.
  • New mosquito nets for Errabalem, Learning Estate & CCIMA Children’s homes in India
  • New bathrooms & drainage system for Life of Favor in Uganda
  • New cook stove and chimney for Fresh Fire in Uganda
  • Home of Champions children were sent to regional track meets
  • New water system and security fence for Butiki Children’s Home in Uganda
  • New animal barns for orphanages in Khabarovsk, Russia
  • New greenhouses and farming equipment for several orphanages in Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Family rooms built into numerous orphanages in Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Life-saving medical equipment purchased for several children’s facilities in Barnaul, Russia
  • Sports equipment, batteries and inverters purchased for Learning Estate in India
  • Emergency surgeries for two boys in Errabalem Children’s Home.
  • Remodeled bedrooms for the children at Fresh Fire and Life of Favor in Uganda
  • Christmas presents and special dinners for thousands of orphan children in 9 countries!
  • Support of numerous children in ongoing higher education.