Barnaul Region

Number of Children: 1500

Ages of Children: Newborn-18

Location: Barnaul Region, Russia


Purpose: The Barnaul Region is a gigantic hub for industry in Siberia, but the poor who are not within that social structure are truly suffering. Children without parents are left to live on the streets or are put into orphanages, shelters and hospitals like the ones we care for. The governments is supposed to support the homes and hospitals, but with its limited financial resources, even its best efforts are not adequate to properly care for these suffering children. The Russian people love their children very much and are doing their best, but at this point in time it is not enough and they need our help to keep their children healthy, educated and hopeful of a future. Orphan's Lifeline funds a  registered non-profit organization in the region called "Love for Children". This is a requirement of the Russian government and is necessary for us to be able to work there. The area offers no real natural resources for us to utilize to make the facilities more sustainable. Because of this we provide the same or similar types of items each and every month which includes food, medicine, medical equipment, facility improvement supplies and clothing. The changes we have been able to make in the Barnaul region are extraordinary. Orphanages once housed babies and children in sub-standard conditions with little food and cold, lifeless days. Now they provide the children with all of their daily needs in warm and comfortable environments.


The Barnaul Region is a small geographic location in central southern Russia close to where the borders of Kazakhstan and Mongolia meet. Many thousands of children are abandoned there each year where we work with over 12 different orphanages, shelters and hospitals to save and nurture them.

We thank you for your support and helping our children which are sick with tuberculosis and under long treatment. Thank you for your sympathy, compassion, empathy to the problems of our hospitals little patients. We really need this. Help to the children in time when they need this the most invaluable. We appreciate that there are such kind and openhearted people always near. May the Lord be with you who is taking care of us and gives us strength. With respect and love to you
— Barnaul TB Hospital