Dangerous Intersection - Part Two

Miria is already awake when the sun peeks over the eastern horizon and all that has been hidden in the cloak of darkness begins to take shape. Her eyes are open and staring at the now empty corner where she was sure others had slept the night before. They must have crept out quietly while darkness still ruled. Or perhaps there hadn’t been anyone there at all. Just her imagination.

Dangerous Intersection

Miria shivers in the dark and pulls the ragged blanket around her shoulders as she moves through the dark streets of Bwaise. She is exhausted, cold and hungry, her bare feet sore and bleeding from the stones and broken glass that litter the dirt streets of this sprawling slum outside of Kampala, Uganda.

The Author

Everyone is an author. Whether we want to be or not. Whether it’s through purposeful reaction or purposeful neglect. Through observation and resulting action, or observation and inaction, we are all authors in the stories of the lives we come in contact with.


It is such a privilege and an honor for us here at Orphan’s Lifeline to be among a collection of people who see the world through the eyes of a servant. 2016 has ended and has become the 17th year in which we have all worked together to make a difference in the lives of innocent orphan children around the world.