True North


The clock keeps on ticking. Over the course of the past year we have spent another 525,600 minutes of life’s currency. Everything we have said and done over the past year is recorded and documented. It’s written down. It is part of the irretrievable past. So, was it good? Did we spend our currency well?

That might be a difficult question for some to answer honestly. We live in strange times. We live in an era in which it seems so many people have lost their direction; their True North.

Imagine, if you will, that you are amongst a group of people who have hiked into the depths of a deep canyon. Now it’s dark. The sun has slipped behind the canyon walls and the precarious trail you hiked down is impassable without the light of day. 

Your guide isn’t worried though. He stands before you with confidence and tells you all that the group has to do is head due North and you will all make it safely out of the canyon. He pulls a compass from his pack. It is a trusty compass with a verified True North that the guide has used many times. It has never failed him. Not once. It is old and scratched and dented, but tried and true. It is good.

But, as the guide seeks to organize the group, there are dissenters. One man points off in a direction and says, “That is North.” Another shakes their head and says, “No, that is North” pointing in another direction. The guide looks at his compass and says, “You are both wrong; according to this compass, that is North” and points in an entirely different direction. People begin to argue, splitting off into three groups. Some stand with the guide, and some with each of the two who claim to know where North is. The guide tries to reason with them, explaining that North is not something you can just choose. It is a real thing. He explains to them that without light, without the sun or the moon, you have to have a compass to guide you. But they won’t listen and he can’t stop them. They have collectively convinced themselves that their North is the True North and the guide shakes his head in sadness as he watches the other two groups head off into the darkness, trusting that their North is the True North. The guide knows they are doomed.

What a ridiculous story, right? No one would be naive enough to just believe that North is just something you can choose, would they? They would. And they do. It is, in fact, the very essence of the era we currently live in. A time in which so many people have laid claim to their own truths; laid claim to their own True North and are defiantly following it to their own eventual demise. Sadly, they are gathering followers by the droves as they walk towards a cliff in the darkness. It is not good.

Throughout the Bible, over and over, we are told the same thing. God is good. It is not a description of an attribute that God has. It is a statement of equivalency. God equals good. Good equals God. Nothing is good that doesn’t come from Him, because it is Him. He is our True North and all absolute truths come from Him. It is not discretionary and it doesn’t change with the times. That is why we can trust in Him. That is why we can have Faith without seeing. He is the compass we can trust to guide us through the darkness.

Yes, the clock keeps ticking. We keep on spending that precious life currency with every breath that we take. The question remains, are we spending it well? Is what we are purchasing with that currency something that is good?

I think about the places that we work and the innocent children that we seek to save in this mission. Places where war, disease and poverty have left millions of children without parents and without hope. Places where so many struggle just to put a meal on the table, to have shelter over their head, to even have a blanket to lay upon. And I find it so sad that so many are unable to see just how blessed we are to live in a country that offers so much in comparison. 

I believe that we have these comforts for one reason and one reason only. We have these blessings, these things that are good, only because we are “one nation under God.” As more turn away from Him, all of that is put at risk as history teaches us.

As all good comes from God, all that is not good comes from Satan. 

The war and the disease. The poverty. The hopelessness that we find around the world are all the results of sin and evil. Of all that is not good.

That is the battle that we are fighting in this mission. It is much more than just food, clothing and shelter for children. It is much more than just teaching children to read and write. It is quite literally a battle against all that is wrong with our world. It is a battle against all that is evil and we are fighting it with all that is good.

Each and every child born is going to be a part of mankind’s future. Each and every child born will contribute to that future in a good way…or a bad way. They are the hope of a better tomorrow if we give them what they truly need.

Not long after the towers were attacked in New York City and thousands of lives were lost because of the evil in the hearts of a few men, Alan Jackson, the country singer, penned a song about his feelings of September 11th. While the whole song is very touching, one line in particular has always stuck with me. He wrote: “I know Jesus and I talk to God and I remember this from when I was young. Faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us, but the greatest is love.”

Of all things God has given us that are good, the greatest is love. He created us to love us. It was because of His love that he sent Jesus to die on the cross. It was because His son’s love for us that Jesus chose to die on the cross when he could have called ten thousand angels instead.

This is what you are giving the orphan children every time you feed them. This is what you are giving them every time you take them off the street and give them shelter and a warm place to sleep. When you give them books and teach them to read; a pencil and teach them to write. When you give them The Word of God and they learn about the hope and promise of eternal life through Jesus. This is what they truly need to be the hope of a better tomorrow.

Yes, time is a precious currency.

Thank you for spending some of it on the children we care for over the past year. Thank you for spending some of it praying for them and this mission. Thank you for spending some of it, sharing your blessings with the orphan children of the world. Thank you for spending some of it winning battles against the evil that creates orphans in the first place.

Thank you for showing the children, everyone around them, and everyone around YOU what is good and where it comes from.

Thank you for showing them His love.

Thank you for showing them True North.