Until Then


The sun is warm on Mama Topka’s face. She stares off at the horizon, but her eyes are seeing something else. Her lips curl up in a strange little smile. No one knows what she is seeing, or what has made her smile. It’s as if she lives in a world of her own making.

It’s no wonder that she has made a place in her own mind. It’s no wonder, because for years the real world was a place that was uninhabitable for this young lady who lost her parents when she was very young. 

As an orphan on her own, she suffered untold abuses for five solid years. The abuses she survived have left scars on her mind, body and soul. 

Her hands shake. Her body trembles. She has trouble with her memory. Her ability to learn has been diminished to a 20% capacity. 

Tests show abnormal neurological activity that medical experts are attributing to the mental, physical and emotional abuse that she suffered as a young child. 

When Mama should have been running, laughing, playing and learning, she was instead suffering at the hands of evil. 

Mama Topka’s young life is representative of the worst that can happen to a child who has somehow survived. Her young life is the perfect, sad, example of the very worst of the cycle we are desperately trying to break.

The world is filled with young people like her; boys and girls that have had their innocence ripped away. Boys and girls who have seen and experienced the kind of suffering that most of us just read about. The kind of suffering that you are reading about right now.

A day will come. A day will come when all of this will end. Jesus will return and the suffering of little children will stop. The evil will come to a halt and no child will ever have to go through what Mama and millions like her must endure. 

But if you are reading this, that day has not come. It is not on our calendars and is still a mystery. So until then, it’s up to you and I.

There have always been orphans. There will always be orphans. Of that, there is no question and it is not something we can control. We cannot be everywhere at once and we will never eradicate the world of evil and sin. Simply because this is not heaven and we are not God.

But we are His instruments here on earth. We do have the ability to make a difference and that is exactly what He has asked us to do. It might seem impossible when you look around at all that is happening, but we can and will make a difference in this world. You are making a difference in this world!

Mama suffered. Of that there is no doubt. But now she is safe. Now she is loved. Now she has been given a chance that she would have never had otherwise. She lives in a home filled with many other children just like her. They have become her siblings; her family. She has been given God’s Word and instruction. She goes to school. She receives special counseling and medical treatment. She pulls a warm blanket under her chin every night and knows that she is safe. Finally safe and finally loved. You did that. 

Without you the home she lives in wouldn’t exist. The dorms would be empty. The school would sit empty. The church building would sit empty. There wouldn’t be children running and laughing and playing. Learning, singing and worshipping. They simply wouldn’t be there. 

Instead they would all be on the streets. Struggling just to survive in a place where all odds are against them. Where abuse and neglect, apathy and evil, all conspire to destroy their innocence and steal their hope; their potential.

Each and every one of them represent the hope of tomorrow. The children of this world are the future of this world, for better or for worse. It is up to us to make that future better. If not us, then who?

It isn’t easy to watch the suffering. It isn’t easy to allow yourself that knowledge and have to really sit and think about it. It would be far easier to just let it slip from your mind. Pretend that it doesn’t exist and go about your life. But that is not why we are here.

This really comes down to one thing. Why are we here? Beyond being created to be loved, why are we here? It stands to reason that if He created us to love us, then naturally, we are here to love and be loved. And loving goes beyond the feeling. It’s the doing. 

That is the very essence of what you do when you rescue an orphan child. You are loving them. You are showing them His love through your actions. And there are real world consequences because of it. You are not just helping a child or children. You are indeed, changing the world.

These are the children who will change the future, from what would have been, to what will now be. Instead of growing up as their parents did before them, without love, without hope, without an education and without God, they are growing up with ALL of those things. 

They are being raised up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. They are being taught how to break the cycle that caused them to become an orphan in the first place. And the vast majority of them will do just that. They will grow up to have children of their own. Children that they will raise in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Generationally, the thousands we help now, have the potential to become tens of thousands, then millions. We can have an impact on the future in a far more meaningful way than you could ever imagine. 

Yes, there will come a day when all of the sadness will end. There will come a day when the evil that lurks out there will no longer be allowed to exist. That time will come. 

Until then…Mama Topka needs us. She needs you and I to stand in the gap and give her a hand up. Her and the thousands of other orphan children we care for every day. Thank you for being there for her. Thank you for being there for all of the children. Until then.