Butiki Children's Home

Number of Children:30-36

Ages of Children:6-17

Location: Jinja, uganda

History: When Orphan's Lifeline began supporting this home in 2004 the children were living in a fairly new facility that was built by another U.S. organization, yet there was no electricity or running water. Many of the children were in need of medical attention and were thin from malnutrition. In 2011 Director Edward Ochimi passed away. After his death the owner of the land wanted his property back and the home was in threat of closing. Mrs. Ochimi stepped up to the position of director and with Orphan's Lifeline's help she was able to move the children to a new building that we built on a piece of land that she owned. The home has progressed into a vibrant and healthy place for the children to grow, learn and develop into productive, fulfilled and successful individuals.


The community around the home is mostly made up of the unemployed and "peasantry farmers". With little chance for orphans to survive in such a small place, we are happy to see the children happy, smiling and preparing for a successful future. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

I am very happy for you support which you are providing to us. Let me pray in Jesus’ name to replace your pocket. I am very happy because we are getting each and every need in time. Let us pray for you.

-Christopher Mampala

You have done something very important in our live by putting us in school.


I thank God because He gives us life.