Carl Hall Children's Home

Number of Children: 65

Ages of Children: 6-17

Location: Kisii, Kenya

History: This home was started in 2002 by a local pastor (now the director) because he saw the effects that HIV/AIDS had in his community. He was officiating at least five funerals per week caused by AIDS. The lives of so many children were being devastated by the deaths of one or both parents. Many of the children were left destitute with no one to care for them. The home initially had just a feeding program for the orphans, but the director soon learned that they needed much more care. A building was soon constructed to give these children a place to call home. Orphan's Lifeline found out about the home in 2007 and began working with the director. Throughout the years we have helped to build more onto their facilities so they could care for even more children. A school now exists on the property so that all of the children are able to receive an education. the children enjoy many activities including church choir, Bible studies, evangelism outreach through the church, drumming with the church band and soccer. The kids are also learning about the agricultural trade of the community, growing large vegetable gardens on the property that feed all of them.


Carl Hall is located in a densely populated village amongst the Abagusii people who are peasant farmers. Although the children  have lost their parents, they have become a part of another family and are loved and supported by the director and his staff. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

Many of the children have improved physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Many of them have put their trust in God because of what He has done for them. Our goals is to bring up children with quality education and skills that will help them to bring development in their country and the world at large in the future.

They have time to visit other vulnerable children and they invited them for a Christmas lunch which they enjoyed together and shared their gifts with them. The children showed their love to their friends, they thing that pleased even the community members when they show love at the work.
— - Carl Hall Director