Casa Hogar Bucerias

Number of Children: 20-28

Ages of Children: 5-12

Location: Bucerias, Mexico

History: Bucerias Children's home was created by a wonderful Christian woman named Veronica who was an orphan herself. After her high school graduation she continued to work at the orphanage she grew up in until she began her own home in 2006. Every child in her home was a victim of neglect and abuse and was brought to her by the Mexican government, yet the government offers no financial assistance to them. When Orphan's Lifeline learned about Veronica in 2007 we immediately began helping the 15 children that were living in her tiny apartment. There was hardly enough money to feed the children as paying the rent and utilities used most of Veronica's money. In 2010 we helped to move the children to a brand new home on their own piece of land that was donated to the director. The new facility had enough space to add 12 more children that needed assistance. The children are flourishing in the home. They all attend school and have a tutor who works with them on a daily basis. 


Bucerias Children's Home is located close to the tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta. Many visitors come to the home to help and take the children on fun field trips which they enjoy very much. We have space to take in more orphan children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

Lifeline the children continue t be better themselves each day. WE feel their love for God in their hears and their joy is reflected in their hearts and in their face. We give thanks to God for putting this mission in our hears and we give thanks to God for all the benefactors who make it possible for Manos de Amor to continue it’s mission. We have faith in God that when these children are adults they will be goods citizens and love their fellow man just as God loved us. Lifeline you are always in our prayers and we thank you for all the work you do for all the children ‘s orphanages you help around the world. God bless and multiply your good health and your lives. We send hugs to each one of you and are grateful for your financial help during the years you have been helping us. God Bless You
— Bucerias Director