Casa Hogar Douglas

Number of Children: 20-28

Ages of Children: 5-12

Location: Bucerias, Mexico

History: Casa Hogar Douglas was started in 2002 by a Christian missionary from Texas who saw the need in the community for a home to take care of the orphans and abused children. The home is located right outside the large metropolis area of mMonterrey, a city of 5 million people. In the city there are children who live totally abandoned or in severe abuse. The home is rescuing these little ones who suffer such depths of abuse, loneliness, fear and hunger and also wrestled with hatred and resentment toward their parents who are often guilty of the abuse. Orphan's Lifeline has been supporting the home since 2005 and has been able to assist in giving the children a safe and secure environment to grow up in with the live and support they need to thrive. The home is located out in the country and has many acres to raise farm animals and grown large gardens. This is very therapeutic for the children and provides them with fresh food. It also teaches them responsibility and skills in the agricultural trade which they can take with them when they leave the home.


Many of the children from this home have gone on to become ministers, missionaries and even doctors!. This shows what living care, guidance, education and encouragement can do for a child who had once lost all hope. Orphan's Lifeline is a partial sponsor along with other organizations helping this home.

Many of the children suffer from loneliness and abandonment. Before coming to the Home they suffered from abuse and neglect. Some didn’t attend school. One child got a cigarette burn on her hand by a mean stepfather and now lives with that scar on her hand. Another child suffers from a speech impairment due to the severity of the emotional trauma he suffered. the pain and the fear scarred him emotionally and psychologically. The children’s home here in Sabinas offers them the totally opposite environment where they are cared for and give the opportunity to get an education. They have three warm meals a day and give the love they so desperately need. Despite the dark past they went through they still manage to keep a smile on their faces because of the attention and care they get at the Home, care that you have helped make possible.
— Casa Hogar Douglas Director