CCIMA Children's Home

Number of Children:80+

Ages of Children:6-16

Location: Tuni, India

History: This home began in 2002 and has been supported by Orphan's Lifeline since 2004. The facility was scheduled to close in 2004 due to the lack of funds until it came to the attention of Orphan's Lifeline. When we first started helping the home, the children went to bed hungry each night and had to sleep on the dirt floor. All of the children were in very bad health and underdeveloped physically as their funding was not enough to provide them with enough food to eat. In 2005 the number of children in the home doubled as new orphans produced by the tsunami arrived. In 2006 the director was able to move the children to a much better rental building where they continue to reside. Many of the children have grown up here from a very young age. Coming to CCIMA has been a great turning point in numerous young live, allowing them to excel in their studies, to graduate and move on to vocation training schools and college.


CCIMA is now the only nongovernmental children's home recognized as a charity by the central government of India. This is a huge accomplishment! We have space to take in more orphan children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

Man of the children are started to be merit students in government schools. Especially in educational program the CCIMA children’s home students are having positive changes to get higher marks than other students. Children identified that education is the source of knowledge to live like others who are in a higher position in the community.

We delivered some orphans from child labour. We faced lot opposition from the owner of child laborers. I fought against the child labor to give a good life.

Our children also have fellowship with their village churches. We are proud of CCIMA children’s home which came to know that CCIMA giving best future for orphans. So far the home produced a number of children with good future living like orphans but living with joy and happiness in their jobs.
— Errabalem's Director