Judith Kirabo

Nantale Children's Home - Uganda

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Date of birth: 2006

Gender: Female

Country of origin: Jinja District, Uganda

General Health of Child: Normal


Her parents were neighbors to one Kisakye Ruth. Judith’s mother became very ill and she was taken to her village in Gomba District and shortly after she died. Judith’s father Joseph Tugonza stayed with her in Kikulu Zone Kisasi one of the Kampala subarbs. Later Joseph was imprisoned because of stealing. On the day Joseph was arrested Judith played with Ruth’s children until very late at night. That’s when Ruth discovered that Joseph had been imprisoned and Judith had nowhere to go, then she decided to stay with her. She later reported to local councils who requested her to keep Judith for some time after which Ruth’s husband started harassing Judith and asked her to send Judith away. Ruth went to LCs who helped her to take Judith to the Probation Officer (KCCA) who referred the child to Nantale home. Judith is doing very well and the father was released from prison though he takes drugs. He does not qualify to stay with a child and nobody has come up to show responsibility of taking care of her to date.




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About Nantale  children's HOme

In 2007, Orphan's Lifeline was made aware of an 84 year old women name Christine Nantale who had been taking abandoned children from the community into her small home for the past 45 years. She had no running water and never knew where the children's next meal would come form. The children were sheltered and loved, but without regular food and necessities they were malnourished and sickly. At this time we began supporting Christine's efforts with food and supplies. When she passed away in 2009 we joined with local women who had worked with Christine and worked to relocate the children to a new safe and secure location. The children now have sanitary living conditions along with food, clean clothes, electricity, running water, beds, education, medical care and loving caregivers to watch over and guide them.

About Uganda

Is a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon and is home to more than 25 million souls. Uganda, while having a relatively stable government and substantial natural resource, is still a country with much suffering. The 46 year average life-span is evidence of the harsh social climate. Disease and war have take their toll. By 2001, more than 884,000 children under the age of 14 had lost their parents to AIDS. Many others have lost their parents to war. Thousands live in tent cities and the situation in Uganda is considered to be one of the worst humanitarian emergencies in the world. With an estimated 44% of the population living at or below poverty, the orphaned children of Uganda are desperate for our help.