T. Supriya

Peter’s Memorial - India

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Date of birth: 2000

Gender: Female

Country of origin: Vijayawada, Krishna Dt. India

General Health of Child: Normal


She is not having a father. Her mother is working as a sweeper in a private hospital. She is having two sisters, our neighbors suggested to these two sisters to join in our home. Both of them came and explained their situation. I gave them admission in to our home.




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About Peter’s Memorial  children's HOme

Orphan's Lifeline helped establish this home with 10 girls in 2007. The home was started and is currently operated by two sisters who have a heart for the orphan girls in the area. Most of these girls still have some family connections in the surrounding community who they are able to visit, but because of poor economic conditions the family members have no way to raise and feed their own children. Before coming to this facility, these young ladies survived at child labor camps or by stealing to feed themselves. The home has grown over the years and all the girl's lives have drastically changed since becoming a part of this loving family that cares for them

About India

is a country approximately one third the size of the United States, yet it is second only to China in population, being the home to more than one billion souls. More than half of this nation is coastal and it is bordered by Burma and Pakistan, the latter of which they have had a border dispute for some time. Air pollution is a serious issue and nearly all of the water is undrinkable due to pollution by raw sewage and pesticides. More than 47% of the young children are malnourished and there are 400 million under the age of 18. Poor infrastructure, slow to moderate social development and social inequity due to deep rooted political and cultural/religious conflicts have resulted in a large poverty line! Many of the orphans belong to social and cultural or religious minorities  that live throughout the 550,000 villages in rural India. Poor social status has left these children with little or no help and many are subjected to slavery just to survive.