Maisham Lubega

Freshfire Children's Home - Jinja District Uganda

Date of birth: May 27, 2007

Gender: Male

Country of origin: Kampala City, Uganda

General Health of Child: Normal

Description: Father abandoned the mother on finding out she was HIV positive while she was pregnant and later on giving birth and died and left him in the hands of the auntie who is a tailor and earns little with seven other children of her late husband to look after.




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About Freshfire children's HOme

Orphan's Lifeline began sponsoring this home in 2003 when a local Christian man saw the need to help the orphan children in the area. In the beginning the children were living in a dilapidated hut without running water or beds to sleep in. Many of them were sleeping in the homes of the caregivers, because there was not enough room for all of them to stay at the orphanage. All of the children were thin and suffering from malnourishment, worms or other medical problems. Soon after we began to help the home director was give 10 acres of land, and with the help of Orphan's Lifeline a new building was built for the kids. This was a great blessing as the land gave them the opportunity to learn the agricultural trade by growing their own food along with raising chickens, pigs, goats and a cow for their own drinking milk. With the help of Orphan's Lifeline a second home called Life of Favor Children's Home was established on this same piece of land which has been able to save even more hopeless orphaned children from the area.

About Uganda

Is a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon and is home to more than 25 million souls. Uganda, while having a relatively stable government and substantial natural resource, is still a country with much suffering. The 46 year average life-span is evidence of the harsh social climate. Disease and war have take their toll. By 2001, more than 884,000 children under the age of 14 had lost their parents to AIDS. Many others have lost their parents to war. Thousands live in tent cities and the situation in Uganda is considered to be one of the worst humanitarian emergencies in the world. With an estimated 44% of the population living at or below poverty, the orphaned children of Uganda are desperate for our help.