Code of Conduct

An ambassador is defined as someone who represents and acts in the stead and best interests of a government or organizations. As a Lifeline Ambassador you will be representing Orphan's Lifeline International (OLI) to the world around you.

It is imperative that your actions reflect well on Orphan's Lifeline International dn properly communicate the orgnaization's mission and values. Prospective supporter of the organization may be attracted to or repelled from the organization by your conduct and representation of the organization.

Organization Knowledge

A Lifeline Ambassador must be knowledgable about Orphan's Lifeline International and be able to educate and properly answer questions from prospective and current supporters. ORphan's Lifeline is committed to providing Lifeline Ambassadors with information, but it is each Ambassador's responsibility to learn the information, ask question, and possess a thorough knowledge of the organization ad its mission. 

Lifeline Ambassadors can stay up-to-date and access information through e-mails, the Lifeline Ambassadors' Facebook group, the website, and direct contact with the Volunteer Director or other OLI staff. 

Orphan's Lifeline International provides the information, but it is each ambassador's responsibility to know and properly communicate relevant information to prospective supporters and donors. 

Missional Behavior and Conduct

Orphan's Lifeline mission statement: " To bring hope to the Orphans of the world by providing food, shelter, medical care, children's Bibles, educational assistance, adoption advocacy and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character within the community."

The actions of a Lifeline Ambassador should represent the heart of the organizational mission and promote active compassion, generosity, and service for the orphans of Orphan's Lifeline. Each Ambassador's actions should be marked by kindness, compassion, faith , hope , perseverance, gratitude, and enthusiasm. Ambassadors should evaluate their decisions to make choice that best represent Orphan's Lifeline International d that best promote enthusiasm. Ambassadors should evaluate their decisions to make choice that best represent Orphan's Lifeline International and that best promote generosity and active compassion for orphans. Ambassadors have a responsibility to fulfill any obligations they commit to as a Lifeline Ambassador.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Not all information received as a Lifeline Ambassador needs to be communicated to prospective or current supporters. Lifeline Ambassadors must use discretion to determine the information that is relevant and proper in attracting and educating prospective supporters and donors. Lifeline Ambassadors must never disclose any information they believe to be confidential or have been told is confidential; they shall abide by ORphan's Lifeline Privacy Policies.

If a Lifeline Ambassador ever has any doubts or concerns about privacy or the confidentiality of information, s/he is responsible for consulting an Orphan's Lifeline International staff member.


I have throughly read the Code of Conduct information and agree to act within the code as a Lifeline Ambassador. I understand that no offer of employment is being made to me by Orphan's Lifeline International, more is there any intention of creating an employment relationship either now or in the future. Orphan's Lifeline does not compensate nor is responsible for costs or expenses incurred by volunteers. I understand that failure to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct will result in my removal from the Lifeline Ambassador volunteer program. I understood that Lifeline of Hope does not carry any insurance for volunteers and will not be help liable for any injuries of loss incurred during volunteer services related to or for Orphan's Lifeline International.


If you have any questions email: or call (406)257-0868.