Errabalem Boys Home

Number of Children:18-26

Ages of Children:10-17

Location: yerrabalem, India

History: This home began in 2006 and has been supported by Orphan's Lifeline from the beginning. Many of the boys were beggars or were involved in slave labor before this children's home was started for them. The home has grown by 12 more boys since its inception. The boys are well taken care of by a loving Christian India family consisting of a church minister, his wife and their adult son. The boy's home has been visited numerous times by representatives of Orphan's Lifeline and it is an exemplary representation of the change that can take place in a child's life if give the proper care, love and support.


The boys at Errabalem have suffered the loss of their families after knowing poverty, alcoholism and mistreatment. Now they have love and hope for a future. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

People are not interested to send their children to schools and they are always desire to take their children for labour work along with them. They will use this earning not for family feeding but for drinking alcohol and other bad habits. Because of this bad habits most of family heads are die in early age and children become orphans.

I am very proud to say that our home is preparing good civilians to the country. So many orphan children are living happily in our home with confidence and courage. In future we can see our children in responsible positions in government organizations.
— Errabalem's Director