Hope Family Children's Home

Number of Children: 12-24

Ages of Children: 4-17

Location: Port-de-paix, Haiti

History: This home was started in 1999 when a preacher knew he wanted to give a better life to the local orphans that he saw on the edge of death with no love, food, or care. Director Fatton did his best to care for them on his own, but he was raising them in a very old and dilapidated home with no running water or bathroom facilities. This created serious hygiene problems which led to sickness for the children. They had infections and diseases such as worms, malaria, typhoid and cholera and needed urgent medical attention. The director had limited resources including a very poor local church who could only help a little periodically. Orphan's Lifeline heard about the home from a friend in the mission field in Haiti and immediately approved it for assistance in 2012. The children were soon moved to a different facility which is more healthy and clean, has more space, running water and now cooking equipment. A water treatment filter system has also been installed. Education is of utmost importance for the children. Just learning to read and write will propel them into the upper 20% of the population who have jobs and opportunity available. Basic reading and writing skills will make them valuable in the work force.


Port-de-Paix is peaceful but neglected by the government. Food is very expensive. Only 5% of the people have jobs to survive on as there are few manual or skilled labor jobs even available in Haiti. Hope Family Home truly is hope for a better future for these kids. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

The children are all well and keep praying for you and the sponsors. They love God and want to live for Hime. They are song leaders in our worship service at the home every Sunday. Thank you very much for your support and prayers. May the peace of the Lord be with you.
— Hope Family Director