Khabarovsk Region

Number of Children: 5200

Ages of Children: Newborn-18

Location: far east russia


Purpose: Children without parents in this region are left to live on the streets or are put into orphanages, shelters and hospitals like the ones we care for. The government is supposed support the homes and hospitals, but with its limited financial resources, even its best effort are not adequate to properly care for these suffering children. The Russian people love their children very much and are doing their best, but at this point in time it is not enough and they need our help to keep their children healthy, educated and hopeful of a future. In the Khabarovsk region, Orphan's Lifeline   funds a registered non-profit organization called "Life Ring" which is recognized by the Authority for the Ministry of Education in Russia. This is a requirement of the Russian government to be able to work there. The region is broken up into four different areas called "districts". The orphans start out in baby homes, move to children's homes as they age and finally move to older children's homes when they become teenagers. In order to support the children throughout their lives in this system, we  must support all of the facilities within their district. Since we do not have sponsors for all of these homes, it is necessary to pool the sponsorships for the region, add to it from our general fund and support the region as a whole.


The Khabarovsk Region ( or Krai ) is vast spreading over thousands of square miles. It is located in Far East Russia on the border of China directly above North Korea. We work with over 60 different orphanages, shelters and hospitals in the region who love and care for these abandoned children.

Thank you for all the changes you have made in children’s lives! The year was very successful and full of joy because of the help you provided. May God bless you to continue your efforts and hard work to help kids to grow. Thank you for the great work here.
— Khavarovsk Director