Learning Estate Children's Home

Number of Children: 40-50

Ages of Children: 5-17

Location: Repalle, India

History: This home began in 2003 and Orphan's Lifeline began to help soon after in 2004. The first rented building that was being used for the home was a small run down facility with no running water and huge sanitary issues which created many diseases for the children. They were very sick, thin and small due to poor nutrition and bad living conditions. With help from Orphan's Lifeline, in that first year the children were moved to a much better rental building which had a well, restrooms, separate sleeping areas for the boys and girls and a large yard to play in. The home has grown over the years and all the children's lives have changed drastically.


These children have gone form having little hope in life to becoming part of a family that loves them. They are healthy, happy, receiving education and have a bright future ahead. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donor to join with us.

My name is Petha I am so happy live in home. I now so better and improved in my studies. I am going to school daily. Our home life is its look like small heaven. Our home gives good life to me, good food, clothes, God’s words. It’s build me good human being and good morals. In my class i got A rank.
— Petha