Life of Favor Children's Home

Number of Children:26-30

Ages of Children:2-16

Location: Jinja, uganda

History: This home started in 2001 and has been supported by Orphan's Lifeline since 2006. Most of the children were orphaned when their parents passed aways due to the HIV/AIDS virus. Some of the children were taken in by relatives who eventually also died from the same virus. This left many of these children to survive on their own, leaving the older ones to try to care for their younger siblings until they were rescued by Life of Favor. Many of the children were in very poor physical condition and severely malnourished. At the end of 2011, Orphan's Lifeline was informed that due to uncontrollable circumstances the kids ere going to lose their home and would once again be left on their own to survive. We immediately began working with the director of the home to have all of the children moved to a new location. The perfect piece of land was available next to one of our other children's homes called Freshfire Children's Home.  A new building was constructed there for the kids from Life of Favor. The children moved in May of 2012 to the new location where they were happy to be safe and secure and where they discovered a whole new group of friends.


The community around the home is mostly made up of the unemployed and "peasantry farmers" Already finding hopeless despair with the loss of their families to AIDS, these kids were on a path likely ending in death. Now they know hope, love and joy. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank life line of hope for supporting us every month. It is a big responsibility but we believe Got to reward each and everyone in this ministry. Thank you for the school fees and other requirements that were bought for the children. The care takers are doing a good job. We all work as a team to take care of the children and provide a good conducive environment for the children to live in.
— - Life of Favor Director