Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Orphan's Lifeline International.

Lifeline Ambassadors are people who feel called to serve and save orphans through Orphan's Lifeline International(OLI) and want to be involved above and beyond donating. Becoming a Lifeline Ambassador is making a commitment to be a representative of Orphan's Lifeline in everyday life.

But it's more than a commitment; it's a calling!

A Lifeline Ambassador believes so strongly in the mission and results of Orphan's Lifeline that he or she can't help but tell people about OLI and encourage them to take part in saving the orphans of the world!

Lifeline ambassadors help people become donors and supporters of Orphan's Lifeline International through education and advocacy. Lifeline Ambassadors educate the people around them through day-to-day conversations, scheduled presentations, material distribution, fundraisers, general "raising awareness" campaigns, and a variety of other creative means.

In order to be a Lifeline Ambassador you must

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be an Active Donor ( you've donated at least once within the past year )
  • Be in agreement with our Statement of Faith 
  • Agree to a Code of Conduct

Once you become an official Lifeline Ambassador, you will be expected to communicate with Orphan's Lifeline regularly. This open communication ensures that you stay informed about our programs and campaigns and that OLI can support you in your efforts.

We make sure that our ambassadors stay informed about OLI in order to best educate those around them. As a Lifeline Ambassador, you will receive exclusives e-mails with tips, resources, Ambassador Highlights, and OLI updates. You will also be added to a Facebook group that is just for Lifeline Ambassadors where you can share tips and success stories with other ambassadors!


Frequently Asked Questions


How do i become an LIfeline Ambassador?

  • Start right here! Sign up online by filling out the Lifeline Ambassador form.
  • You will be contacted by our Volunteer Director.
  • You will receive a Getting Started packet in the mail.
  • You change lives! Begin spreading the word, fundraising, and regularly communicate with the Volunteer Director.

Is being a LIfeline Ambassador the same as being a orphan Advocate?


An Orphan Advocate usually contacts us with a specific one-time or occasional activity in mind, such as distributing information pamphlets at a church or local library. An Orphan Advocate does not need to sign a code of conduct. More information about becoming an Orphan Advocate can be found HERE

Being a Lifeline Ambassador is a calling. You will know if you should be an ambassador! You might've already started telling others about OLI ( an unofficial ambassador! ) because of your compassion for orphans and the calling you've felt in your heart to come alongside Orphan's Lifeline. Lifeline Ambassadors have a passion for telling their world how to save orphans through Orphan's Lifeline International. They are excited to educate others about OLI through day-to-day conversations, planned events, presentations, fundraisers, material distribution or through a variety of other creative ideas! It's a long term dedication to being the voice of Orphan's Lifeline International in their home, community, city, and state.

Do you require certain activities from LIfeline Ambassadors?

Nope! We encourage our Ambassadors to participate in a variety of activities to educate their world about OLI, but we do not require our ambassadors to do any specific activities. Ambassadors set personal goals to reach new individuals, churches, clubs, associations, businesses, or other organizations through meaningful conversations, material distributions, presentations, event booths, and fundraisers. One ambassador may be a fantastic at church presentations while another might excel at one-on -one conversations throughout the week!

However, please note that we do want our Ambassadors to always be open and comfortable with spontaneous or scheduled conversations about Orphan's Lifeline International. The manner which you reach your world through activities or fundraisers is up to you, but you should be comfortable telling new people about Orphan's Lifeline and answering questions.

I want to be a Lifeline Ambassador, but I don't think I know enough about OLI to answer people's questions. what should I do?

No worries! We don't except you to be an Orphan's Lifeline expert before you become an ambassador; all you need is a heart for saving the neglected orphans of the world through OLI. Once you sign up to become an ambassador we will make sure that you get all the information you need in order to be an effective and knowledgable Lifeline Ambassador. 

i want to be a lifeline ambassador, but i don't know if i would have enough time to do much. Is that okay?

The awesome thing about being a Lifeline Ambassador is that you will represent Orphan's Lifeline International through everyday conversations. You will be representing Orphan's Lifeline in your town through spontaneous or planned educational opportunities. Reaching your world should be done throughout your normal schedule, so you can be completely flexible. That being said, if you are not actively engaged in spreading the word about Orphan's Lifeline, you might want to consider signing up as a one-time Orphan advocate volunteer rather than a Lifeline Ambassador.

What if i want to make a presentation?

Good question! Our Lifeline Ambassadors have a variety of strengths and comfort zones, but the common denominator is their desire to help orphans. Not everyone will reach their world in exactly the same way, and that's good! We want you to reach your world in the way that you most feel comfortable. With that being said, we have found that group presentations are a very effective way to inspire people to become new donors. We encourage you to be yourself and creatively use your strengths to make a presentations to the type of group that best fits you. If you don't like giving big group presentations, don't force yourself to present in front of your entire church! Instead, contact some small group Bible studies and ask if you could speak to them for a few minutes, or invited several friends and their families to your house for dinner and orphan education! Being a Lifeline Ambassador should be an enjoyable experience and one that you feel comfortable doing. Ask us for ideas and put your own unique spin on how to reach your world!

I don't donate...can I still be a Lifeline Ambassador?

Unfortunately, no. A big part of being a Lifeline Ambassador is encouraging people to donate to Orphan's Lifeline. Because of this, we require Lifeline Ambassadors to have donated at least once ( active donor status ) in the past year. Being a donor yourself proves your commitment to our organization and will help you better discuss donating with prospective donors. 

If you are unable to give financially but still want to be involved, consider signing up to be an Orphan Advocate instead of a Lifeline Ambassador.


If you have any questions email: or call (406)257-0868.