Nantale Children's Home

Number of Children:22-32

Ages of Children:5-16

Location: Kampala, uganda

History: In 2007, Orphan's Lifeline was made aware of an 84 year old women name Christine Nantale who had been taking abandoned children from the community into her small home for the past 45 years. She had no running water and never knew where the children's next meal would come form. The children were sheltered and loved, but without regular food and necessities they were malnourished and sickly. At this time we began supporting Christine's efforts with food and supplies. When she passed away in 2009 we joined with local women who had worked with Christine and worked to relocate the children to a new safe and secure location. The children now have sanitary living conditions along with food, clean clothes, electricity, running water, beds, education, medical care and loving caregivers to watch over and guide them.


Nantale Children's Home has seen a drastic change. It was in a critical state on the edge of collapse when we found it. Now the home is flourishing and we have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

The children’s health and education has improved. Their spirituality and general behavior has improved. I see the children under my care graduating and some getting jobs.

The children’s home has changed the lives of others that live in the nearby community. Nantale home children go to a nearby church on Saturdays. They clean it and they also clean the nearby trenches. They sing on Sundays in church choir inspirational songs and they occasionally visit neighboring churches. They participate in sports and other music festivals at school which cheers the community.

This gives the community a positive attitude towards vulnerable children. That if take care of, they can be useful. People now have a positive attitude towards helping the needs.
— - Nantale Director.