New Hope Children's Home

Number of Children:40-55

Ages of Children:4-19

Location:Kisauni, Kenya

History: New Hope Children's Home was established in 2004 by a Christian man who saw the growing need in his community to help the orphan children who were left homeless and alone after HIV/AIDS had take their parents. The home is located in an extremely poor slum outside  of the major city of Mombasa. Most of the children were living in the slums before New Hope came to their rescue. Orphan's Lifeline started to support the home in 2007. Shortly after, the home experienced a devastating fire that was started by the riots of 2008 that burned most of their buildings. We helped the home to restore the burned buildings and also built new facilities on the property. This home is unique in fact that the director believes the way to help more children is through education. He operates a school on the property that educates the children being cared for by New Hope as well as over 400 other children from the surrounding community that could otherwise not afford an education. The community children are also supplied with the necessary school supplies, fed and cared for at an on-site medical clinic.


With the director's passion to save children deserted by lost parents to HIV/AIDS and to educate the community kids, he was able to purchase additional acreage so he could extend the property to provide space to help even more. We have room to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donor to join with us.

On behalf of New Hope family I would like to acknowledge and appreciate your dear generous donations towards these beautiful and handsome children at New Hope Children’s Home. Through your donations our children had a happy life throughout last year and to crown it with a very good celebrations for Christmas and New Year too plus Christmas gifts too which made it more lively. May our dear almighty God reward you a abundantly as we face the new year ahead of us, let this year be of good health and receive financial breakthrough too in your business. Yesterday was a day of it own. I started receiving numerous phone calls from people to inform me New Hope High School had been ranked among top 5 schools in Mombasa country in last years National Examinations.
— - New Hope Director