Zachary Taylor Children's Home

Number of Children:121

Ages of Children:5-18

Location:Kisii, Kenya

History: This home was started in 1999 and ORphan's Lifeline approved it for sponsorship in 2005. Before coming to the home the orphan children were surviving on their own after being abandoned by the loss of their parents to AIDS and other deadly diseases. When Orphan's Lifeline first started helping Zachary Taylor they had no bathroom facilities which lead to serious sanitation issues for the children. It caused sickness, disease and very poor living conditions. Because there were so many children living in the home, they were all suffering from malnutrition as there was just not enough food for them all. Orphan's Lifeline has been able to help this home significantly in many ways including building new bathroom facilities and rebuilding all of their building impacted by a devastating fire in 2009. A school exists on the property so that all of the children receive a proper education. The kids also learn the agriculture trade of the surrounding community and are able to grow large gardens and raise farm animals at the home. From this the children get sustenance, lear responsibility and learn to take pride in their work as they see the fruits of their labor. And... these kids love to play basketball.


Zachary Taylor is located in a densely populated farming village where each home has 8 m\or more children. Most are impacted by AIDS and tribal clashes. The kids in the home have now found a loving family where they can learn and grown in a healthy environment. We have space to take in more orphaned children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

In a special way we thank all our sponsors for the continued support to Zachary Taylor Orphanage. It is our humble prayer to our God to bless them in every single moment of their life. Your support means all to the children. Our sponsors have touched many hearts in Zachary . The children and all the Zachary Taylor orphanage hold them high in our hearts. They are great blessing to all the children and every week we have special day to pray for them and their families. May the Lord bless our sponsors always.
ZTO community sees their love and thanks to all they are doing to help STO to realize their dream.
— - Zachary Taylor Director