Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Orphan's Lifeline International.

Our Orphan Advocates are people who want to support Orphan's Lifeline and put their compassion for orphans into action. Orphan Advocates spread the word about Orphan's Lifeline in their communities through material distribution, fundraising, presentations and a variety of other creative means. 

We provide our volunteers with all the information and materials they need to get started: our organization's history, information about our programs, and materials such as brochures, pictures and power points that can be used while volunteering. 

Once you become an Orphan Advocate, we encourage you to be creative with how you reach your world! Feel free to create new activities and come up with your own ideas for how to best impact the people around you. Orphan Advocate volunteer activities should be designed to tell others about Orphan's Lifeline, raise support, and inspire donations, but the way that you do that is up to you!

There are endless ways you can fundraise and tell people about how they can make a difference in the lives of orphans! Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Organize Fundraisers
    • Jog-a-thon, car wash, bake sale, silent auction
  • Make presentations
    • Present to Churches, youth groups, Bible studies, clubs, businesses
  • Distribute Materials
    • Distribute informational brochures around your city, at work, or at church



Frequently Asked Questions


How do i become an orphan Advocate?

  1. Fill out the volunteer sign up form on our website
  2. Our Volunteer Director will contact you
  3. Fundraise! Spread the Word! Change the lives of orphans!

How often do I have to volunteer?

As often as you want! We know life is busy, so that's why we give you the power to choose the activities that you do ( as well as the frequency and scheduling of the activities ).

Make sure you communicate with our Volunteer Director about your volunteering activities in order to stay informed and receive helpful materials!

Do I have to make presentations?

Nope! This program is designed for you to volunteer through activities of your choice! Making presentations to churches or Bible studies is an option, but there are countless other ways you can inspire others to support Orphan's Lifeline. Come up with your own idea for fundraising and reaching your city, or ask our Volunteer Director for ideas.



If you have any questions email: or call (406)257-0868.