Our area is most slums area. Children in our area are not at all interested in studies. We are trying very hard to encourage our girls to concentrate on studies. They got interest to study and get a good future.
Child marriages are very common in our area. If the girl is above 13 of age, parents are immediately settle some match to them and send them out from their house. Parents feel this girl is burden to them until she marry one person. After marriage they feel it is relief to them. Patiently we are managing parents, relatives and continuing them in studies. Our girls are very thankful to our organization for providing all their need.
— Peter's Memorial Director

Peter's Memorial

Number of Children:15-18

Ages of Children:8-19

Location: Vijayawada, India


History: Orphan's Lifeline helped establish this home with 10 girls in 2007. The home was started and is currently operated by two sisters who have a heart for the orphan girls in the area. Most of these girls still have some family connections in the surrounding community who they are able to visit, but because of poor economic conditions the family members have no way to raise and feed their own children. Before coming to this facility, these young ladies survived at child labor camps or by stealing to feed themselves. The home has grown over the years and all the girl's lives have drastically changed since becoming a part of this loving family that cares for them


Girls in India have little value in their society and no opportunities given to them. These girls know that dreams can become reality because they have a family that believes in them. We have space to take in more orphaned girls as we receive additional donors to join with us.