Rose of Sharon Children's Home

Number of Children:20-28

Ages of Children:6-16

Location: Paruvakkudi, India

History: Rose of Sharon Home was established in 2004. When Orphan's Lifeline approved the home in 2006 for sponsorship, there were 12 children living there. In the beginning this home had no bathrooms or running water which lead to serious sanitation issues for the children. It caused sickness, disease and very poor living conditions. In 2010, the director was able to build a new building with the help of Orphan's Lifeline. With the added space the home has increased in children over the years and still has room to bring in more orphaned kids. The children are very happy here and are most thankful for being able to enjoy their childhood in a loving home. They have a large back yard to play in and their own vegetable garden where they can grow their own food.


Rose of Sharon Home is a thriving place where the children get to be kids, simply having fun along with learning the responsibility of growing a garden and receiving a sound education. We have space to take in more orphan children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

It is the greatest works of OLI to bring happiness in the lives of the children who are unfortunate and disadvantaged. The children are praying for the work of OLI and for the sponsors who help them for their education and food... and I would like to thank all of you for the continued support to run the home.

-Agape Director

Its my great testimony that I KNOW Jesus, to pray and read the bible and got blessed in my life which mad the change by the wonderful ministry of LIFELINE. I am very much pleased to convey my heartiest thanks to all the donors and sponsors of LIFELINE by whose generosity the life of many children is getting changed globally. Praise be to God.!