Safe Home Children's Village

Number of Children: 65-75

Ages of Children: 4-16

Location: Bong county, liberia


Safe Home Village was established by Church of Christ evangelist John Travis in 2004 with the help and support of small group of Christian couples that were all young married couples in Kansas City in the 1980's.  This group started a non-profit that partnered with Safe Home Founder John Travis following an introduction by Ron Pottberg, a representative of World Bible School who had known Mr. Travis for some time.

The name of the Christian non-profit was Treasures in Heaven and they funded and managed the Safe Home project for the next 12 years. In 2017, Orphan’s Lifeline agreed to handle the oversight and financial management of Safe Home in partnership with Treasures of Heaven. Safe Home is a government licensed non-profit children’s home situated on 40 deeded acres. The home consists of dorms, a kitchen, a chapel, a clinic and a Christian school where all orphan children attend. Another 140 village children attend the school for a small tuition bringing total enrollment to around 200 children. The home maintains a garden to raise as many vegetables as possible for their own consumption. In Liberia 90% of all food must be imported, hindering availability and creating expensive prices. Ron Pottberg of World Bible School has been instrumental in the development of agriculture in the village and hopes to develop more self-sustaining ventures including poultry, rice, rubber trees and fish ponds.


Most of the buildings on the property need upgrading and minor repairs. The clinic needs funding for supplies and a full-time nurse. In Liberia there is one doctor per 100,000 people, so the clinic is a must for the health of the children. The water system needs to be developed (the closest well is over 900 feet from the home). There is a small generator that supplies 2-3 hours of electricity daily. The children are all loved and well cared for, but could use more and better food, more games & toys, more books & educational materials and more personal Bibles for each and every child!

We are doing our parts to be sustainable. God, please let these children continuously enjoy the fruits of their labors. Guide them to multiply to the benefit of others...they are wonderfully made.
— Director