Tabitha's House

Number of Children: 24-34

Ages of Children: 3-17

Location: Cap-haitien, Haiti

History: Tabitha's House was started by a Christian woman named Tabitha who opened her own home to take care of the orphaned children in her community. She officially established the home in 2008 after three years of caring for local orphans. When Orphan's Lifeline heard about Tabitha in 2009, we immediately began helping the 11 children living there at the time. There was hardly enough money to feed or clothe the kids and they all had infections and diseases including malaria, typhoid, cholera and HIV/AIDS. They were in serious need of food and medical attention. Tabitha was doing her best, but she was overloaded with needy children produced by the hurricanes of 2008. Orphan's Lifeline immediately supported projects including the remodeling of the home, installation of a septic system and bathrooms and expansion of the home including new sleeping areas separate from the general living space. The renovations allowed Tabitha to bring in 13 more orphaned children to be cared for.


Tabitha's House is in a remote area with a sparse population. Since Orphan's Lifeline began working with the home, the children's health and living conditions have improved significantly. They are well-fed, receive proper medical care and an education. We have space to take in more orphan children as we receive additional donors to join with us.

This month me and the group we have a long joy in the orphans. We can’t explain that because it’s too mysterious, this joy from children. they do one extraordinary work at school this moment that’s very different than before. So we than God for that, and we need to continue to pray Jesus about this work he make in the kids.

- Tabitha

WE thanking God and we thank you too for your hope and your prayers. Every time we see foods and we going to school we feel happy. We feel happy about all the programs mommy Tabitha and Debbie does for us. We dance, sing, play many game with a lot of kids and we have some conversations with them

- Child