The Philippines


the Philippines

The Philippines is a country that is an archipelago of 7107 islands between the Philippine Sea and South China Sea in South East Asia. Just under 89 million souls live in the primarily mountainous coastal terrain that covers an area just slightly larger than Arizona. While the Philippines has made significant economic progress in their globalization efforts, inflation and population growth continues to outrun that progress resulting in a population with around 40% living below the poverty level and 12% without any employment at all. In addition to tis while there are 117 chartered cities in 79 provinces, there are also 41,936 villages spread out amongst the islands making it logistically difficult and cost prohibitive for development of infrastructure and social programs. According to UNICEF, the Philippine Government has made significant progress in the convention on the Rights of The Child...however, social services to support this convention are slow in development by a government that spends a good portion of its budget servicing debt. Of the roughly 34 million children under the age of eighteen, more than 2 million are orphans! This debt ladened government and its citizens with an average annual income of $1,170 as well as the 16% living on less than $1 dollar per day, truly need our help to care for their innocent orphan children! They cannot do it without help!



Amazing Grace Children's Home

04 30 16 Girls from New hope childre`s home in their new uniforms donated by Norgien Girls Heidi  & Marte ..jpg