Besides the operational costs of the children's homes, education is the greatest expense for Orphan's Lifeline International. Most of our children's homes pay monthly school fees, while others are required to pay the annual lump sum at one time. Education breaks the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and it enables the children to look forward to a bright future with good careers. We send the children to good schools, or, if the area lacks a good school, we hire qualified teachers to teach at the children's home. The caliber of education in our schools is so high that locals often pay to send their children to the school we've started.

Many of the children continue on to universities, a level of education that would have been unfathomable if they hadn't received the care of an Orphan's Lifeline home. One of our young ladies who grew up in Lermontovka Children's Home in Russia returned to work in the home after completing her degree in Social Work, helping new children transition into the home and receive counseling for past scares. 

Education inspires, enables and impacts entire communities.