Russia is a country that loves their children! 

Unfortunately, like many other countries, they struggle to find the resources to provide adequate care for their orphan children. 

Orphan’s Lifeline International began our mission to help the orphan children of the world 18 years ago after two of the founders adopted a little girl from Far East Russia. It was the warm and caring nature of the Russian people they met there and the obvious fact that the orphan children there needed help that motivated the founding of Orphan’s Lifeline International to begin with. 

Russia is working hard to improve the conditions for their orphan children and we are here to help them do just that!

We provide funds to help children in two specific regions; Barnaul and The Khabarovsk Krai. 

We need to do this today because he has a meeting with Russian officials on Monday.



Barnaul Region

Khabarovsk Region