Liberia is a country with a very storied past in that the Republic, which was established in 1847, came to be as the result of slaves who were freed from the U.S. and resettled there in 1822. Liberia is a largely Christian nation with 85.6% being believers in Christ.

Many years of war and the more recent Ebola outbreak has left the infrastructure and economy of Liberia in shambles. That in turn has led to an unemployment rate of 85% and nearly 7 in 10 people living in poverty.

To compound the problems even more, a high fertility rate of 5 children per woman and an already predominantly youthful population of 60% under the age of 25, has led to a very high dependence rate.

Like most countries in poverty, the children there suffer the most. Disease and war have stolen their parents and many suffer unthinkable circumstances as they struggle to survive without parental care.

The young females there are particularly at risk for sexual abuse, trafficking and FGC.



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