Part of North America, and our neighbor to the South, Mexico is a land and a people with a rich history and culture. Mexico is just slightly less than three times the size of Texas and is home to approximately 111 million people. The economy of Mexico continues to face major challenges. Both physical and Social infrastructure need major overhauls. Approximately 10% of the citizens of Mexico hold the rank of wealthy, while 30% are middle class and the balance of 60% are below poverty level. That means that 60 million people struggle on a daily basis with a cumulative total of only 26% of the country's income as a resource. Infant mortality rates among the poor are twice that of the middle class and their overall life expectancy is 10-15 years less as well. There are few safety nets within the Mexican Government's economy which means that the poor suffer the most due to a lack of funding for social programs. Medical care, education and of course the care of orphaned children is very minimal for those at the poverty level. Approximately 1.5 million orphan children reply upon the good will, love and care of strangers to provide their needs due to these factors and lack of a viable government program for their  care.



CAsa Hogar Bucerias

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Casa Hogar Douglas