Is a country that is just slightly larger than twice the size of Nevada and is home to just a little under 34 million people, including an average of around 250,000 refugees from nearby Somalia and Uganda that have fled the atrocities of the LRA rebels. While less than 1% of their land is cultivated into permanent crops, agriculture is the mainstay of their suffering economy, which while improving in recent years has continued to be weak due to low market prices of their main products and droughts as well.  50% of the people in Kenya are below the poverty level with 23% living on less than $1 per day and nearly 40% have no employment at all! 42% of the population of Kenya are younger than 14 years of age and the life expectancy of just 48 years speaks loud as to what the effects HIV/AIDS and other diseases are having on these people. There are approximately 1.7 million orphans in this country and like all of Sub-Saharan Africa, this number is growing at an alarming rate. The government and people of this country cannot take care of them without our help as evidenced by the fact that nearly 25% of all of their children are not even immunized for polio, hepatitis B, Measles, etc. Nearly 20% of the children suffer from severe to moderate growth and development stunting...and as is always the case...all of these numbers are worse for the orphans.



New Hope Children's Home

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CArl Hall Children's Home


Home of CHampions

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